What Our Customers Say

Great service, and peace of mind.

Nena Stutes

I can't say enough good things about the professionalism and quality service of this company. they do great work, communicate quickly and efficiently and have been a pleasure to work with.

Lindsey Sigmon

So very pleased with our service!! They were able to come give an estimate and get the job done in one day for a very affordable price!! Yard very well manicured , best service we've had in a while! Awesome customer service!!


Great service and always come at scheduled time. Can't beat the price and convenience.


I've call around to tons of places in search of a lawn service that met all my needs. The owner is very professional and caring towards his customers. I love having the peace of mind that my lawn care is taken care of. I highly recommend Just The Basics.


Wonderful people to have mowing our lawn. Never had a problem. Highly recommend this lawn care service.


These guys are extremely professional and did an exceptional job with our property. Their attention to detail and workmanship was outstanding. If you want a good job done, these are the guys to call.


Great service! Very professional and reliable!! highly recommend this lawn service company to businesses and residents.


Great service and very reasonably priced.


We have tried many lawn specialist to care for our lawn for many years . But JUST THE BASICS are our chosen favorite!!

Always is consistent doing the best job every time ! Always going out of their way to do an amazing service! Could not be more pleased and very satisfied with their work !!!

Would highly recommend JUST THE BASICS !!

D. & K. G.

If you are in need of lawn care this is the one to use. They do a very professional job . i like the way they are making my grass take a turn for the better. I look forward to their continuing service.


I recommend them to anyone. They do many houses on my street and some have weekly or bimonthly schedules depending on what works best for schedules and checkbooks.. I am very VERY happy with the way my yard always looks. You can tell which ones have Just the Basics and which ones don't. Thank you so much!!


Wow!!!!! There are truly no words to describe this grass service. I will forever be a recommendation. I am amazed that such work ethics still remain today and graciousness. You will be treated better than words can describe from this incredible company. A one of a kind life long friendship and relationship for life that will remain in my heart. The best I have ever seen in every way.


Just the Basics Lawncare. Does far more than just the basics, their professionalism is apparent from the time they drive up in their neat and well organized truck and trailer, to their well maintained equipment, their founder and employees arrive promptly, waste no time in starting to mow, weedeat and blow off the concrete areas of your home, in fact, they went above and beyond by blowing off my old tennis court, their edging is arrow straight and beautifully done. I would recommend this company to anyone and everyone I know, and I will. You will be very satisfied by their reasonable rates, golf course quality mowing, in every aspect of their work.


Y'all did a great job! Thanks for squeezing me in on such short notice. We beat the rain!


Just wanted to stop by and say that I love how professional [Just The Basics] is. The detail that he goes into for my lawn I would swear that it was his. I am very pleased and wouldn't dream of switching to another company.